Our Partners

We find optimal energy solutions and financial partners for a broad range of customers, from investor-owned utilities to local institutions. 



We are actively seeking new land to develop solar in markets across the country.  Whether you are looking to sell your property at above market rates or entering in to a lease with long-term passive income we can accommodate your wishes.

We purchase or lease land of 20 acres or more, ideally flat, cleared and free of wetlands. Proximity to a substation or suitable 3-phase distribution lines is also important.

Don’t settle for one land partner, let us take the risk out of your property, develop a solar solution best suited to your market, and then make multiple partners compete for your best value.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your property. 


Commercial & Industrial

Refrigeration, manufacturing, retail and all the engines of our economy benefit from steady long-term electricity rates. Whether rooftop or ground-mounted, pure solar or solar plus storage, SPF is here to take your energy strategy to the next level. We can help you procure energy at predictable below market rates, reduce demand charges, provide back-up reserves and enhance power quality to protect your power sensitive investments.



The regulatory landscape for utilities is changing faster than ever. We ensure your energy solution stays relevant no matter what tomorrow brings. We help you identify and implement the ideal strategy in the best location, to maximize the combined value of LMP pricing, load shifting, capacity reserves, ancillary services and infrastructure deferment. As a 100% independent and supplier-agnostic company, we can focus on delivering the best value to you and your ratepayers.


Public Institutions

Hospitals, Schools, and Government administrators are looking for ways to minimize their expenses and resource impact to best serve their public mission. SPF has a deep understanding of the unique goals and financial considerations of public institutions. We take the time to understand your situation so your project is no-risk to you and efficiently monetizes tax benefits, but retains the most flexible ownership options.



Our expansive investor network provides capital for early stage development through long-term debt and equity. With 10 years of relationships with investors for all project types including; solar PV, PV + storage, microgrids, solar thermal, ice-storage, efficiency projects and more we have money for your project.


Engineers & Energy Professionals

We have development services and financing solutions for your micro-grid, battery, bio-energy, solar thermal, ice-storage and efficiency projects. We can model and advise on the most complex deal structures.


Our Process

We're not locked into one product solution, we solve for your unique project.