Solar-Plus Energy Storage:
get savings, performance & reliability.

You need energy management across your entire operation. But how do you maximize savings as a utility customer, especially with your high demand charges that solar can’t offset? Batteries? Ice Storage? Bio-digester for your organic waste? And how does financing this system work with each technology? Look no further. We solve this complicated intersection of variables with comprehensive technology analysis across the entire selection, and financing alternatives for all of them.

Most Solar-Plus developers are tied to a specific manufacturer, technology or a finance partner with a constrained set of investment criteria. That means customers like you are steered toward a project package that serves the developers' needs - not yours.

SPF is completely independent, which means we're "agnostic" when it comes to technologies and vendors. We create the optimal solution for our clients' energy and storage needs - we don't try to sell you on a pre-fab solution.
And we've done our homework: We have a deep understanding of which battery chemistry or other technologies are best paired with which power control systems and energy management systems for any use case. We know which suppliers and contractors will be most appropriate for your project's needs, and we deliver the most favorable financing, ensuring you receive the best combination of savings, performance and reliability.